Dr Ahmad Ali

Research Activity


Research Area

Biochemistry and Molecular Biologyy

Research Interest

  • Non-enzymatic Glycosylation (Glycation), DNA and protein damage, Oxidative stress, Antiglycating properties of natural products,
  • Signal transduction, Metabolic regulation, Spirulina platensis

Research Projects


1. Title: Study of glycation of proteins by sweeteners

Funding Agency: Research Society for the study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI)

                   2. Title:  Antiglycating properties of Nigella sativa seed extracts

                      Funding agency: University of Mumbai, Mumbai (2018-19)

  1. Title: Studies on Non-enzymatic Glycosylation of DNA and Proteins by sugars and dicarbonyls

Funding Agency: UGC, New Delhi (Start up grant)

  1. Title: “In vitro study on the glycation of DNA by sweeteners”

Funding agency: University of Mumbai, Mumbai (2015-16)

  1. Title: In vitro study on non-enzymatic glycosylation of protein and DNA

Funding Agency: University of Mumbai, Mumbai (2013-14)

Research Students

  • Ph. D. student (Enrolled) : 03
  • Guided two M. S. Pharm. Biotechnology project students at NIPER
  • Guided 34 students of MSc Part II Life Sciences for their Review of Literature and Project work
  • Presently guiding seven students of M. Sc. for their Review of Literature and Project work.

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